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The Direct Path to Freedom

21 - 25 October 2023 - 5-Day Self Realization - Silent Retreat

Experience Inner Peace, Truth & Enlightenment


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What you seek... is seeking You


Retreats are a profound invitation that offer a way to connect to the methods and message of Absolute-realization.

They are a chance to immerse yourself completely in the energy field of spiritual truth.

These retreats blend the practical application of ancient tried-and-tested methods with the more subtle workings of direct pointing, investigation, contemplation and dialogues, which fall in alignment with the “direct path” approach to lasting peace and freedom.


Discover who you are not... and find your true self there

Inner Peace

5 Days of relaxation in an Oasis of Rest and Freedom


Immerse yourself completely in a field of Unconditional Love


Experience Absolute Self Realization... The Direct Path to True Freedom


Location ~ Land van Yemaya | Bellingwolde - The Netherlands

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An Oasis of Relaxation

Immediately when you walk onto the "Land van Yemaya" you feel an Oasis of Relaxation touching upon you
There is Silence. Space.
You feel this is a place you are Free.
Where you can return to your True Nature of Being, the Truth of who you are.
You feel you don't have to hide anything.
All of you is welcome here.

"Awakening from the Dream of Thought..."

The land awakens the grounded energy flow within you.
Inspiration, movement, creation.
You become conscious that you may fully Be.
You experience the meaning of life.
A deep connection with yourself, others, and the world around.
Welcome home.
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What will this retreat give you?

  • Clearly see the truth of your Infinite Nature, the "True Self"
  • Remain established in your Infinite Nature and live as your True Self daily
  • See through false beliefs
  • Meet the world and human emotions from your Infinite Nature
  • Liberate yourself from unhappiness
  • Trust, surrender and follow your Infinite Nature & Intuition in daily living
  • Let go of the Ego, and discover the Truth that lies beneath
  • Discover and transcend the "Soul Trap"
  • A deeper understanding en experience of "Meditative Living"
  • Experience reality from "Direct Perception"

Your Hosts

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Mike Harhangi

Mike Harhangi is "A man on a mission"... but he doesn't take his Self too seriously in it.

Love, Abundance, Joy & Truth are some of his core values.

His mission is to make a positive impact on as many human lives as possible.

A big part of this is facilitating this retreat.

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Christopher Jai Smith

Christopher J. Smith is a self-realization guide, author, and speaker with over 16 years of experience in self-realization, the last 10 of which have been through one-on-one collaborations, organizing retreats, meditation/breathing workshops, facilitating self-inquiry and "Meetings in Truth" with spiritual seekers from all over the world.

Christopher would like to welcome you to the world of 'instant' self-realization in this retreat!


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Raymond van der Straaten

Raymond is a schoolteacher by profession, he is a bringer of light in a "higher" profession.

"Ray" is an important facilitator for the realization of this event.

Out of love he will contribute his presence and energy in this collective for the best interest of all who seek Self Realization here.

Introduction by Christopher

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Who is this Retreat for?


This Silent Retreat is for those who are genuinely drawn to self-realization.

This is not for those who are just curious, but for those who are clear in their heart and longing for Absolute-realization.


Practical Information

  • Check-in on Saturday October 21st 3:00pm (NL Timezone)
  • Check-out on Wednesday October 25st 12:00om (NL Timezone) 
  • Included: 3 (Vegan & Organic) Meals a day
  • Included: Bedsheets / towels
  • The sanitary facilities are shared, but there are several bathrooms and toilets on site
  • Retreat venue: Land van Yemaya - Bellingwolde (Groningen) - The Netherlands (easy connection with public transport - nearest airport: Schiphol - Amsterdam)
  • There is no usage of Plant Medicines during this event
  • Accessibility to the location: Public transformation is very well organized, for foreign visitors: Schiphol airport (Amsterdam) - Station Groningen (by train) - Bellingwolde (by bus) - Click here for the location on Google Maps




Retreat Structure

The first day will begin with dinner, followed by a short welcome and the first meeting.

There will be two meetings on each full day, finishing with breakfast and a final meeting on the last day.

Morning meetings consist of “Inner Alignment” practices, as well as silent and guided meditation; afternoon meetings will consist of investigation, contemplation, and dialogues with Christopher, during which time attendees can discuss any questions that arise during the course of the week.

On the last day there is a final meeting and we end the retreat, enlightened, liberated and embodying inner peace.




The prices below include 4 nights, 3 Vegan & Organic meals per day and participation in the full program.

Single person room 

2 Person room 


4 Person room 


Dorm room (8 person)



*Prices include tax

Payment in installments is possible (contact us for more information).

After payment you will receive a confirmation with all the necessary information


Questions & Answers

What is Absolute Self Realization?

When we go through a spiritual awakening we discover that we are "more" than the personal self... the quest that follows is the desire to discover the "Higher Self". This retreat is aimed at giving you a direct experience of this Self. This is absolute Self Realization.

What are the consequences of this Absolute Self Realization?

You will go through life more connected to your "Higher Self" or "True Self"... which means living less from the head and more from the heart. This brings more inner peace, peace, liberation and a life in flow.

Is it allowed to speak?

During this Retreat everyone is requested not to speak... this is to provide the most optimal experience, realizations and breakthroughs for all participants. Fortunately, there are moments for questions, discussion and reflection during the meetings where Christopher is present.

Is it possible to pay in installments?

This is no problem, just send me a message and we'll arrange what works for you.

What does "The Direct Path" mean?

In spirituality there are many means for self-realization, however, these means often go through a detour through a lot of theoretical knowledge or years of meditation. Self-realization, however, can only arise in the NOW, through direct self-inquiry. This retreat offers the direct path.

What is the role of Christopher Jai Smith?

Christopher is an experienced and advanced consciousness in both his human and non-human form. He is self realized or what they also call "enlightened". His energy field and human knowledge have a magnetic pull to support others in the process of self-realization.

What makes this retreat different?

This retreat is not aimed at offering people relaxation or a temporary break from their busy lifestyle. This retreat is with the intention of providing a transformative experience that will have cosmic effects.

What happens when I have overwhelming emotions / thoughts?

During this retreat there are people present (Mike, Ray) who provide a safe space and support when you don't know what to do with emotions / thoughts that come up.

Why would I join this retreat?

Absolute freedom from the personal Ego itself is a deep desire that you have.


For questions, contact me on Social Media or my Website!